abrasive tooth brushing

Most people keep a first aid kit handy in their homes just in case someone has an accident but what about a dental emergency kit? Having emergency dental supplies handy can help you manage the pain of a damaged tooth until you can see a dental professional. If you don’t have any of these items on hand, don’t worry because American Dental Care provides emergency family dental care in Harrisburg, PA, and the surrounding areas.


You should never handle an open wound or blood with your bare hands so when taking care of any dental emergency always wear gloves. Make sure that you use nitrile gloves so that you can avoid a potential allergic reaction.

Temporary Filling

If you lose a filling, having some temporary fillings on hand will help you protect the sensitive nerves in your teeth until you can see a dental professional. Temporary fillings will help to prevent food and harmful bacteria from entering your tooth.

Clove Oil

Clove oil is a potent essential oil that can be applied via cotton ball to help relieve pain and protect against harmful bacteria. Be careful and make sure you don’t swallow the cotton ball.


When building your emergency dental kit, you should invest in various forms of cotton. Stock up on cotton balls, pads, swabs, and gauze to help absorb fluids and to apply medicines.

Hydrogen Peroxide

You can clean your teeth and gums by gargling hydrogen peroxide. This will also help to disinfect your mouth and prevent infection. Be sure that you dilute the peroxide with water before gargling so that your wound won’t be irritated further.


Swishing warm salt water around your mouth is one of the oldest remedies to soothe sore teeth and gums. So if all else fails, stick to something you know will work every time.

Tea Bags

If you ever suffer from an abscessed tooth you should apply a warm, wet black tea bag to your tooth to help draw out infections and reduce swelling and pain.

Oral Analgesic Gel

While using oral analgesic gel is not a long-term solution, it can help reduce pain until you can see your dentist.

Building an at-home dental emergency kit is a great idea but it won’t replace the need to have your dental problems fixed by a dental professional. American Dental Care is a local dentist near New Cumberland, PA, that provides 24/7 emergency dental care service.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency don’t hesitate to contact our office at 717-279-5242.