Harrisburg Dental Fillings

Early Cavity Care

Stop decay before it advances with dental fillings treatment

Modern dental fillings provide a personalized cavity solution

At American Dental Care of Harrisburg, we specialize in restoring the integrity of your teeth with composite fillings.

Our Harrisburg dental fillings dentist, Dr. Jon Kanegawa, ensures a seamless, comfortable treatment experience. Our goal with dental filling is always to treat cavities and bring back your smile’s natural beauty and function.

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Dr. Jon Kanegawa, DDS

Harrisburg dental fillings dentist

“My philosophy centers on restorative dentistry as a pivotal element for maintaining overall dental health. I am dedicated to offering composite filling solutions that not only address cavities but also blend perfectly with your teeth, ensuring a natural, healthy look.”

Dental fillings for enduring dental health

Dental fillings are a cornerstone of dental care, crucial for treating cavities and restoring teeth to their natural state. Our Harrisburg dental fillings procedure with composite materials not only rectifies decay but also matches the color of your teeth, providing a durable, aesthetically pleasing result.

Benefits of composite fillings

  • Restore teeth affected by decay or fractures with a material that matches your tooth color
  • Enhance the strength and function of your teeth without compromising aesthetics
  • Minimize the removal of tooth structure, preserving more of your natural tooth
  • Experience a simple, pain-free procedure with lasting results
  • Receive customized care advice to ensure your fillings and teeth remain in excellent condition
PA american dental care of harrisburg fillings process

Our dental fillings process

  1. Comprehensive Evaluation: Our team conducts an in-depth analysis of your oral health to identify cavities that require attention, ensuring precise treatment planning.
  2. Personalized Filling Solutions: Receive a tailored treatment plan that uses composite fillings to effectively repair and restore your teeth, focusing on aesthetics and durability.
  3. Advanced Filling Techniques: Benefit from the latest in dental technology and techniques that ensure your fillings are placed with minimal discomfort and optimal results.
  4. Quick, Efficient Treatment: Most filling procedures are completed in a single visit, allowing you to return to your daily activities with a renewed smile.
  5. Ongoing Care and Support: We provide detailed aftercare instructions and support to help you maintain your new fillings and overall dental health.

What sets us apart

We know that once you experience an appointment, you’ll never want to be treated by another dentist again. 

Efficient Office Experience

We value your time. At your appointment, you’ll find no wait times, a helpful team, and honest communication.

All Treatments In-office

No more referrals to dentists you’ve never met. We offer most treatments in our office so you can be treated by a dentist you trust.


We’ve worked in the community for years and are proud of our reputation. Most of our staff have worked here for years!

Affordable Care For All

We accept most insurance plans and offer several payment options, including CareCredit. For those without insurance, we offer our Dental Membership plan. Enjoy free x-rays, low-cost exams, and up to 50% off most other treatments. Membership starts at just $120/year!

Say hello to a healthy smile

“I came here for an emergency appointment. I originally thought I would have to have a root canal, but they were able to save me and my tooth from that. After not being to the dentist in a moment, they were great at putting together a plan for fixing my teeth.”

– Zachary W.

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