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At American Dental Care of Harrisburg, we specialize in providing cutting-edge dental implant services that can transform your smile into a picture of beauty and health. Let our experienced Harrisburg dental implants team help you regain the function and beauty of your teeth.

Contact us today — your journey to a confident, revitalized smile begins with a first appointment!

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Dr. Jon Kanegawa, DDS

Harrisburg dental implants dentist

“I advocate for dental implants not only to restore your smile but to enhance and ensure your overall well-being. My dedication is to offer implant treatments that give you the confidence to showcase a natural and functional set of teeth.”

Dental implants for a stronger, fuller smile

Dental implants are a revolutionary solution to replace missing teeth, providing a sturdy foundation for crowns, bridges, or dentures.

Our Harrisburg dental implant treatment ensures immediate results, while our comprehensive treatment plans offer a personalized approach to achieving a natural-looking smile.

Benefits of dental implants

  • REnjoy a restored, natural-looking smile
  • RExperience improved oral health and function
  • REnhance your self-esteem with a confident smile
  • RSame-day implants for instant transformation
  • RPersonalized treatment plans for long-term dental wellness
PA american dental care of harrisburg dental implants experience

Our dental implants experience

1. Comprehensive Assessment: We conduct a thorough examination of your oral health, assessing the feasibility of dental implants and identifying any underlying dental issues.

2. Personalized Treatment Plan: Receive a customized treatment plan that suits your preferences and oral health needs.

3. Same-Day Implants: For qualified patients, same-day implants can provide the convenience of immediate results with our skilled team performing the procedure in a single visit.

4. In-Office Treatment: We perform all dental implant treatments in-office, ensuring a continuity of care and the best possible results

5. Post-Implant Care: Our team offers guidance on post-implant care, including tips for maintaining your new smile and preventing future issues.

What sets us apart

We know that once you experience an appointment, you’ll never want to be treated by another dentist again. 

Efficient Office Experience

We value your time. At your appointment, you’ll find no wait times, a helpful team, and honest communication.

All Treatments In-office

No more referrals to dentists you’ve never met. We offer most treatments in our office so you can be treated by a dentist you trust.


We’ve worked in the community for years and are proud of our reputation. Most of our staff have worked here for years!

Affordable Care For All

We accept most insurance plans and offer several payment options, including CareCredit. For those without insurance, we offer our Dental Membership plan. Enjoy free x-rays, low-cost exams, and up to 50% off most other treatments. Membership starts at just $120/year!

Say hello to a healthy smile

“I came here for an emergency appointment. I originally thought I would have to have a root canal, but they were able to save me and my tooth from that. After not being to the dentist in a moment, they were great at putting together a plan for fixing my teeth.”

– Zachary W.

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