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It is common for people to avoid going to the dentist for 3 main reasons: Time, Pain and Money.


Unfortunately this has been a focal point dating back to the earliest days of dentistry. New procedures and techniques along with medications and technology, made going to the dentist a much more pleasurable and comfortable experience. So, if fear of pain has been keeping you from going to the dentist, let us show you how much different your experience can be with today’s modern dentistry.

Time-Saving Dental TREATMENT

Your life moves at a fast pace. Your personal time is a commodity that is often tough to come by. That’s why we make every effort to see you within 3 to 5 minutes of your arrival. For new patients, please allow an additional 10 to 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time to complete our required paperwork. We ask that if you are unable to keep your appointment for any reason, that you please provide us with at least 48 hours of advance notice so that we can change our schedule to accommodate other patients.

Money Saving Dental TREATMENT

Obtaining quality dental care affordable price is important. We even had our dental plan to help offset the costs of most common procedures. Learn more about our American Dental Care of Harrisburg Office Plan to see just how affordable quality dental can be.